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Residential services

Saules dzīve runs all its houses itself. On the one hand, it shows confidence in the product, and on the other hand, it demonstrates a wish to provide clients with continuous service – from earnest money settlement to house state inspection. Over the last years the number of served flats has faced progressive growth, and today we have more than 200 of them. This demands reasonable strategy of occupants’ fund expenditure and high services standard maintenance together with keeping the rates as low as possible. The fact that from year 2002 to 2007 house service rates remained unchanged speaks for high efficiency of Saules dzīve residential services department.

In future the company plans to maintain a service of other developer built houses as well and create an automated utility bill accounting system in their own residence blocks by setting up water, heat and electricity consumption control and adjustment system (similar to “smart home” system).

Structure construction is planned in projecting phase, but at customer demand it can be adjusted.

As a rule, Saules dzīve houses passive security system (surveillance, security and fire protection sensors) is combined with professional guard shifts. Recently the company undertook this service by creating its own appropriately licensed security department.


Office centre in 15 Ieriku St., Riga

Residential house in 13 Zagatu St., Riga

Residential house in 20 Dzintaru St., Jurmala

Residential house in 74 Unijas St., Riga

Residential house 70 Unijas St., Riga

Residential house in 9a Dudajeva St., Riga

Residential house in Vaidavas St., Riga