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2002 year

New building in Purvciems
Saules dzīve Ltd. puts into service Saules nams apartment block, situated in Riga, on Unijas street. All in all around 2 million dollars were invested into the project.
16 October 2002

Newly built house is 5000 sq.m large and consists of 45 apartments with area varying from 63 to 165 sq.m and prices ranging from 500 to 600 dollars for a square metre of undecorated space. To the moment 15 flats are already sold.

It is planned that the territory will be enclosed, well-lit and accordingly equipped. Around 50 cars can also be parked near the house.

Saules nams is the first new apartment house project of the millennium in Riga, which was developed literally from scratch and which has remarkably modern apartment layout. House construction was finished at short notice – within 8 months only. House services will be provided by the development company.

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