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About company

Saules dzīve was established in 2001 and works as a developer company, implementing dwelling house projects from landplot or building purchase to finished apartment block maintenance. Today the company has some ten implemented projects in different neighbourhoods of Riga and Jurmala to its credit. It acquired distinction by its very first project - Saules Nams, which, in fact, was the first residential building of the new generation, built in Riga after restoration of Latvian independency. As early as on this stage the company has showed its extraordinary business spirit, creating quality products and relying on highest European standards. Thus a set of “sunny” houses was launched, notable not only for sweet names but also for customer attitude, unmatched in residential development.

Saules dzīve executive Vladimir Tomson says: «Saules Nams was designed to be the first of the set of houses, and we wanted it to be remembered. That is why we placed only one 45-unit house on almost a hectare large landplot, where any normal investor would place two. However, our aim was gained: the project turned out to be successful and was also relatively easy to develop. It remains a bright project on the real estate market even today».

People appreciated the efforts: after Saules Nams commissioning, anxious customers formed a „waiting list” of those willing to buy new or vacant flats in the „sunny” houses. Despite of recent market saturation, the list continues to exist.